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Terms and conditions


Effective from June 22, 2018

  1. General

The network of electric vehicle charging stations is maintained and administered by State Road Traffic Safety Directorate, 6 Sergeja Eizenšteina Street, Riga LV-1079, reg. No. 40003345734 (hereinafter - CSDD). Information about charging station locations is available at portal.e-mobi.lv (hereafter referred to as the Portal) and in the Portal mobile applications.

The Portal is maintained and administered by JSC "FITEK", reg. No. 40003380477 (hereinafter referred to as FITEK).

On behalf of the CSDD, FITEK concludes agreements with CLIENTS who receive electric vehicle charging services at electric vehicle charging locations and to collect payments for services provided by CSDD.

Charging stations are equipped with cables or sockets and provide CCS (Combo 2) or CHAdeMO standard DC charging or Type 2 standard AC charging. Information on charging standards available at a given station is indicated on the Portal.

Charging stations may only be used for its intended purpose - the charging of electric vehicles, which supports the charging standard. Charging is a service for a fee. Information about the charging tariffs for a specific station is specified on the Portal.

To charge, you must register at the Portal, sign the contract and receive an Authentication Card for the electric vehicle charging station (hereinafter "the Card") or register for the mobile application and use the payment card (hereinafter "Payment instrument") and Paypal for settlement purposes.

  1. Use of Charging Station

The customer's authentication at the charging station takes place through the chosen payment instrument.

The customer is responsible for the safety of himself, people nearby, his vehicle and its equipment during charging.

The fee for charging service is taken only for actual charges.

The Customer is responsible for meeting the security requirements of the use of charging station's set in external regulatory enactments and the use of stations consistent with these regulations. When using the charging station, the Customer confirms that he is aware and assumes the risks associated with improper use of charging station equipment. The Customer undertakes to observe and take all precautions to ensure, for example, that the cable connection does not threaten third parties. Any damage to the charging station must be immediately reported to the customer service on +371 22001859 or 1859 or e-mail info@e-mobi.lv. The Customer is liable for any damage caused by the improper use of the charging station

The location in front of the charging station shall be used only for its intended purpose and shall only be used when charging electric vehicles. It is subject to all Road Traffic Regulations.

Blocking a charging station or parking lot, as well as using electricity for purposes other than charging an electric vehicle, is prohibited.

Use the selected payment instrument to use the charging station. Follow the directions on the charging station display or mobile application when authorizing.

  1. Working hours

CSDD-managed charging stations are available around the clock. Charging stations owned by other operators are used during their working hours. Information about the working hours of a given station is indicated on the Portal.

  1. Payment terms

Service fee will be calculated for the period from the beginning to the end of the charge process. Charging is deemed to have begun with the moment when the Customer's authorization has been made and the charging cable is connected to the electric vehicle and supply of power is started and completed - from the moment when the power supply is stopped and the plug is disconnected.

The Customer should take into account the fact that on the Portal and in the application, the start and end times of charging process are displayed up to 1 minute, but the chargeable charge time is also calculated for less than a minute. For example - if the charge starts at 17:00:10 and ends at 17:20:30, then the start and end times of the charge on the portal and application will be reflected as 17:00 and 17:20. However, since the actual charge time is 20 minutes and 20 seconds, the charge will be calculated for 21 minutes.

The charging time displayed on the charging station display is an indication of the time from start of charging to the time when an authentication card is scanned (or the "Stop charging" button is pressed) on the charging station and the power cessation is started.

The counting system as the end of the charging process records the time at the end of the electric vehicle communication with the charging station for power outage, which means the charging process is completely over and the plug can be disconnected.

An indication of the time displayed in the charging station display and the actual charging time recorded in the recording system can be shifted up to 3 seconds.

The maximum charging time for a single charging session is limited to 120 minutes, after which the charging process is automatically stopped. This limitation is for cases in which the Client has inadvertently forgot about the charge initiated, which may lead to excessive charging costs and ensure that the station is accessible to other users.

With the start of charging process, the Customer accepts the current charging process fees. Unless otherwise indicated, the prices shown includes VAT.

For registered Customers using Cards, the service is provided with a post-pay. The fee is payable upon receipt of the invoice. The invoice is sent to the Customer's e-mail indicated in the contract. The bill can also be downloaded on the Portal.

  1. Support

Information and technical support for Customers is available from Monday to Friday from. 8:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00. Customer can receive information and assistance on:

  • Operation of charging stations and problems;
  • Error messages;
  • Information about the location of the nearest charging station;
  • forgot, lost or not operating payment instrument;
  • u.c. information related to the use of the network.

During the rest of the time the information is accepted by phone +371 22001859 or 1859, or by e-mail info@e-mobi.lv. Answers are given on the next working day.

  1. Communication

The Customer agrees that the legally binding information and notices are sent to him on the contractual email address he provided when registering in Portal or mobile app. In case of contact information changes (such as name, surname, company details, address, e-mail address and bank details), immediately make appropriate changes to the Portal or mobile app or inform us by phone +371 22001859 or 1859 or by e-mail info@e-mobi.lv

If the Customer has not informed about the change of contact address then legally binding notifications sent to the last known address are considered received.

  1. Responsibility

CSDD and other charging station operators are not responsible if the Client uses obviously damaged charging station equipment or uses equipment that does not comply with these terms.

CSDD and other charging station operators are not liable for malfunctions or quality degradation in charging stations, if the prevention of their cause is not in the capacity of CSDD or other charging station operators, i.e. if the charging station does not work or works inappropriately and it’s caused by force majeure circumstances beyond the control of CSDD or other charging station operators.

  1. Changes to the Terms of Use

Changes or amendments to the Terms and Conditions of use come into effect after their publication on the Portal.

By continuing to use the charging service, the Customer agrees to any changes or amendments to these Terms and Conditions of use. If the Customer does not agree to changes or amendments to the Terms and Conditions of use, then the Customer has the right to refuse to use the charging service by informing it by phone 22001859 or 1859 or by e-mail info@e-mobi.lv. After receiving this notice within one week, the Customer’s profile is closed on the Portal or in the mobile application.

The current version of the Terms and Conditions of use is available on the portal. Upon request, the Client's electronic version of the e-mail address registered on the Portal or mobile application may be sent to the previous version of the Terms and Conditions of use.